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Micro Weighing Balances

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Micro Weighing Balances

Silent Features :

* Single Pan Smart Micro Digital Weighing Balances

* State-of-the-Art Products

* Highest certainty Vs Lowest Uncertainty

* Microprocessor base latest upgraded technology

* OIML recommended international design

* AUTO Software Fully Internal Calibration

* 100% Power ON TARE facility

* 200% overloading protection

* 150% impact loading protection

* 100% Maintenance FREE Scales

* User-Friendly & Plug-N-Play operation

* Soft-touch screen with longer durability

* Sturdy and Anti-skid body structure

                             and many more.......

Description & Specification Table :

Sr. No. Model Capacity Accuracy PAN Size
1. UMB - D3.1G 3.1 g 0.001 mg 20 mm dia
2. MMWBL - D5G 5.1 g 0.001 mg 20 mm dia
3. UMB - D6.1G 6.1 g 0.001 mg 20 mm dia

Option :

* Double (Front-Back) Display @ Rs.34,775.00

* External Thermal Printer Device @ Rs.48.775.00

* Density Measurement Kit with Certified Liquid (1ltr) (Price difference as per RFQ)

* External Battery Back-Up @ Rs.18,775.00

* Transparent cover of Balance @ Rs.3,725.00

* PC based Software (21 CFR compliance) Standard version @ Rs.64,750.00 (If customization then EXTRA cost)

Govt. Legal Metrology Stamping Certificate

Legal Metrology Weights & Measurement Dept. (Gujarat) Stamping certificate will be provided with all Weighing instruments inside the packing box. (ONE Year validity from the mentioned passing period in the certificate)

Factory Calibration Certificate :

Test - Verification - Calibration Certificate will be provided with Goods inside the packing box. Which is traceability by NABL Accredited Laboratory (International Standard).

NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited Calibration Report :

NABL Calibration Certificate can be provided against request with an additional EXTRA cost of Rs.22,500.00


 MARUTIs NABL Accredited Certificate provides compliance in both measurement process and data reported to the customer to meet a variety of standards including ISO 9000:2015 & ISO/IEC 17025. MARUTIs NABL Laboratory Code is CC-2813. The NIST administered the National Accreditation Board of Laboratory Program (NABL) approves, through periodic audits, all processing and weighing procedures, as well as certificate format and content. Calibration procedures vary by tolerance class requested. 

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